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Arctic Blast to Hit Michigan This Weekend

This weekend will be one for the books, as many records have the potential to be shattered due to two cold blasts. The first Alberta Clipper storm will bring some light snow to parts of the Midwest. The second Alberta clipper will bring heavy snow and strong winds into New England this weekend.

Just like the cold spell that we saw in early January, this blast of arctic air will bring disruptions to some of the travel accommodations in the northern cities, such as trains. This prolonged blast of cold weather will also cause many water main breaks from the Midwest all the way to the Northeast.
This combination of freezing air will not only be brutal to endure for even short periods of time, but it can bring on some life-threatening conditions for anybody who is not properly dressed. Afflictions due to cold weather can be anything from difficulty of breathing to frostbite and even hypothermia if someone isn’t properly dressed.
The Midwest and Atlantic coast will be the first areas to receive the cold blast through the end of this week and beginning of next week. This cold isn’t going to only last for a day though, this brutal cold will last for multiple days, and the temperatures are not expected to rise above zero degrees in northern Michigan and northern Minnesota until next week.

On the coldest days, the temperatures will climb into the single digits and teens in Detroit, Boston, Chicago, and Minneapolis; but the temperatures will feel as though they are below zero for many hours on many different days. The actual lows during the night time will dip below zero in some cities in the Midwest.

From Ohio to Pennsylvania and New York to Rhode Island, the coldest days of this winter will bring highs in the lower 20s with the temperatures actually feeling as though they are still below zero. The worst of the cold weather will then dive southward from central Canada this weekend, and the arctic outbreak this weekend will also be accompanied by strong gusty winds for some time.

The temperatures in the Northeast and also the South will more than likely shatter previous records. Residents living in the South will also experience some sunshine that will hopefully help with the low temperatures. Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia will experience some cold weather as well, because the temperatures are expected to hold in the 30s or lower on one or more days.

Florida is not exempt from the chilly temperatures either. The air will get cold enough in the northern part of Florida to bring the risk of damage to any unprotected sensitive crops such as fruit and vegetables.

After this surge of cold air has moved into Canada, another blast will move from the Midwest and Northeast into the South during the middle of next week. Residents should take the proper measures to deal with the harsh cold and should bundle up if they have to go outside. Be sure to wear extra layers and bring animals indoors to protect them from the harsh freezing air. Also, it is a good idea to have the antifreeze and the tire pressure checked before the brutal air settles into the area. Checking your car battery is also beneficial so that you know that your battery is strong enough to handle the cold.

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