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cold weather brings frozen pipes and flood damage disasters

What to Do with Frozen Pipes on a Cold Weather

During cold weather, particularly in the winter season, some homeowners experience bursting pipes that cause unwanted water leaks. As a result, this can induce damage to the affected area. Such a situation is primarily caused by water that has frozen due to an extremely cold temperature. How does the freezing happen?

How Water Pipes Burst

Once water running inside the pipe freezes, a considerable amount of pressure occurs within the inner walls regardless of whether the pipe is made of iron, PVC plastic, or lead. As pressure increases, a water expansion occurs inside the pipe, causing the pipe to eventually burst. Even if the pipe is made of strong and durable quality of material, the increasing pressure and growing expansion of frozen water inside can still lead the pipe to burst in the long run. Most homeowners do not realize that their water pipes have burst caused by frozen water unless flooding starts to occur in their pipelines.

Preventive Measures

Most water pipes are insulated, which prevent them from bursting while some pipes are set on areas in the house that are hard to be reached by the freezing point of water during cold weather. Yet, there are areas of piping which are prone to freezing temperature. Professionals may recommend having the faucet slightly open with small drops of flowing water especially during winter. This is to allow a continuous flow of water inside the pipe, and this prevents it from freezing until the air temperature is warm enough to keep the water in the pipe from being frozen.

Another prevention method is to set the heater at a minimum of 65 degrees, enough to warm the interiors of the walls where the water pipes are located. The inner portion of the walls is considerably colder than its exterior so it can contribute to the freezing of water inside the pipes. When the temperature in the household is set to 65 degrees, it helps prevent frozen pipes. This is very helpful especially if the household members are away and will not be back soon. It is also important to check and clean the gutter. If the gutter is covered with snow and ice, make sure to clean it so that the melting snow can flow freely. Another option is to drain the water system to prevent the pipes from freezing. Be aware that this procedure is best performed by a professional.

What to Do When Pipes Burst

Now, if prevention was not conducted prior to the start of the winter season and water pipes have frozen and burst without warning, the best that a homeowner can do is to contact professional plumbers to handle the repair as they know best how to deal with the damage of fixing a broken pipe. If your property has water or flood damage you will need to call a water damage restoration company for cleaning up the flooding. Flood damage cleanup companies can assist you with water extraction, structural drying and repairs to your home.

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