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Cold Weather Is A Leading Cause Of Home Damage Disasters

With temperatures now hitting the freezing mark or below, it is time to think about your homes most vulnerable asset during the cold weather months, your plumbing. Your entire homes plumbing system can be effected by the extreme conditions brought on by snow, ice, and plummeting temperatures. being knowledgeable about the various issues you can encounter during the winter months can help you to possibly prevent serious damage to your plumbing systems. Lets examine some of the winter issues that you may encounter this year if you are not prepared. Any of these issues could result in the need to contact a master plumber.

Frozen pipes

This is the number one culprit when it comes to winter time plumbing issues. Most times frozen pipes are completely preventable. The problem starts when the temperatures dip below freezing levels, combined with high water pressure from your water main. You can start to tell if your pipes have frozen over due to reduced water flow. If you notice any change in your water pressure or water flow, this may very well signal you have one or more frozen pipes, if so it is time to call a master plumber. To prevent frozen pipes, at night you can leave your faucets and water taps on a slow drip. You can also install foam pipe covers over every pipe in your home, which will insulate your pipes from the cold. If you do end up with a frozen pipe, do by all means shut off the main water valve while awaiting assistance from a master plumber.

Failing hot water systems

This is a rather common issue during the winter months, one that is more annoying than it is destructive. Did you know that water heating issues ranks among one of the top reasons why plumbers are called any time of the year? Yet this problem peaks during the winter months. To help prevent this, you will want to make sure that the water temperature is high enough on your water heater when winter sets in. Having your water heater checked before winter will help to ensure that you never run into this issue when the deep cold sets in. If you use a gas water heater, always ensure that the pilot light is lit. If you feel that your water heater is not hot enough, call a plumber right away.

A water line leak or break
This is one of the most devastating plumbing problems you could ever experience when it comes to a residential plumbing emergency or a business plumbing problem. A water line leak or break will cause devastating damage to your home or business, the sad part is for most of the victims of this during the winter, it was completely preventable. Do not become part of this statistic. Disconnected garden hoses during the winter, as if you leave it connected and temperatures dip below freezing, ice will form in your house, and this will cause pressure to build up. This pressure can make a major leak, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages pretty quickly. To prevent this issue, disconnect all outdoor hoses, and drain your outdoor pipes. You can also use shut off valves in your home to drain water away from your pipes, if you have these valves available.

Sump pump discharge line issues

If your sump pump discharge line is located outside, be sire to keep this area clear of snow and ice. Failure to do so could cause water to back up into your home, and freeze, damaging your sump pump system.

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