Flood Cleanup Michigan

Going to be a crazy weather week with potential for severe storms in south

Several storms are being forecast to produce rain, ice and snow over the next few days with some areas getting dense fog which could snarl traffic over the Central, Eastern and Northwestern states beginning Friday and continuing on into the week of Christmas. With moist air moving up from the Gulf and a strong low pressure system pushing in from Mexico, conditions will be just right for severe weather which many even include tornadoes.

The warm air moving in will mean no snowfall or icy conditions to deal with for millions of people living in the southern states, Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic and southern New England. However, that warm air will come with some periods of rain and dense fog which could very well hamper travel plans for many. The National Weather Service said Tuesday that conditions will be favorable for the formation of extensive fog with the warmer temperatures even without the presence of heavy rainfall. If the fog is dense enough, it could blanket large stretches of highways and ground flights for extended periods of time at some of the nation’s biggest airports and just when millions of people are starting to move for the holidays.

One storm moving into the Ohio Valley Friday will dump some rain over the central Appalachians and southern New England. And, because the ground will still be cold when the rain falls, fog is sure to form there as well which could affect New York City and Boston. People living north of that part of the country could see snowfall and sleet.

Rainfall could become heavy enough this weekend in the south-central states to cause urban flooding. Cities which could see some flooding include Dallas, Memphis, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Just north of the rainy area, ice and snow is very likely to develop from a winter weather system that’s moving from the Great Lakes toward the Atlantic. That system is threatening to dump several inches of white stuff on parts of Maine and other major cities in the Northeast. By early morning Tuesday, already more that 100 flights were canceled at the New York airports and more at O’Hare in Chicago.

Bitterly cold temperatures and snow & ice storms have been dominating weather news for the month of December thus far across much of the country. In fact, the United States has seen a larger snowpack this month than at any point during the past ten years. According to NOAA, over 50 percent of the lower 48 states had some snow cover on the 15th of December to top all readings on that date since record-keeping began in 2003.

Count on us for any Michigan flood damage restoration needs, we will have crews on call 24/7 for the balance of 2013.

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Flood Cleanup Michigan