Flood Cleanup Michigan

Jarvis Crews Assist Properties Throughout Metro Detroit

If you’re a resident in the greater Metro Detroit suburbs of Macomb and Oakland County, then you know that we have experienced near record rainfall totals throughout this past week. On Monday, August 11th, heavy rains poured down on the greater Metro Detroit area, leaving cars stranded, Interstates impassable, and basements flooded.

Our restoration firm has been working diligently to help business and homeowners alike remove the water from their basements, and begin the cleanup and restoration process from there. Each case of water damage is unique from the next, and it is a very involved process that must be performed meticulously to ensure that mold does not begin to grow. Our technicians are IICRC certified in Water Mitigation and have been working day in and day out to ensure that the water is properly removed from homes and businesses alike.

The excessive flooding also caused many properties to undergo a sewage backup, and that is categorized as Category III Water, which contains contaminants. Our first priority is removing all water from the basements and main levels of all properties, and after that comes the cleaning and rebuild process. This is a thorough process, and should be done with the help of professionals if you are not properly trained in the process of storm damage recovery and water mitigation.

Here are some photos of the current jobs that we have been undertaking after the historic flooding event that ravaged homes and businesses throughout the greater Metro Detroit area:

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moisture meter
Remember, in the wake of a water damage disaster, call the professionals at Jarvis Property Restoration for help with water removal, structure drying, structure repairs, disinfection, and mold remediation!

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Flood Cleanup Michigan