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Major Home Damages Resulting From Furnance Puff Pack Fires

Winter is now upon us, which means time to fire up the furnace. For many of us, this is the first time we have fired up the furnace since the cold season ended. For many home owners, furnace puff backs will occur. A “Puff Back” is a sudden and violent release of soot and soot residue from your furnace, caused by a sudden and uncontrolled explosive ignition in the fire chamber of your furnace or heating system. In some cases, even fire and smoke may result. Furnace puff backs are always caused due to malfunctions within your heating system. Normally when your furnace runs, the fuel and oxygen ratio is balanced, so the combustion and heating is controlled with a nice steady flame. However if the rate of combustion slows down, but your fuel input remains the same, a violent, sudden and potentially property damaging combustion can occur. The effects of this will cause most of the accumulated soot residue within the heating system, most noticeably in the duct work and vents to spew forth into the living areas of the home. More simply, a “puff back” is any furnace disturbance that results in a discharge of soot into the living/working areas of a home or business.

Experiencing a puff back can result in a lot of mess, as well as property damage. Rarely fires may result, with accompanying smoke and heat damage, but the main damage from a furnace puff back is from the soot discharge. The soot residue discharge from a puff back generally has a terrible foul odor, which can cause respiratory problems for you and your loved ones. The residue is can be a slightly oily and sticky substance or dry sooty powder. Due to the air flow of the home, plus pressurization caused by the explosive combustion, and the fact this soot will blow out of vents and duct work, the soot will travel into every section, crack and cranny through out your home. The soot will not only be in places you can readily see with the naked eye, but also in hidden areas, such as behind closed doors and underneath your furniture. This The residue can even get onto your clothing in your closet, damaging your clothing if left untreated. Soot always contains a corrosive element, and this corrosive action will eat away at your properties interior and personal contents.

This soot can cause immense property damage, especially for home owners who attempt to clean it themselves, as this type of soot only spreads with water, and water added to this soot makes it set in and stain nearly anything it comes into contact with. Even house hold cleaners can cause this soot to spread rather than cleaning up the soot. The odor of this soot can also be rather overwhelming. With a puff back, Immediate response by trained restoration professionals will help to reduce any damage claim you may need to file, as well as to save your properties contents from permanent damage. It is not recommended to try and clean this soot and smoke damage yourself, as mentioned earlier common household cleaners and water can just make the soot spread, and stains set in as well as causing more damage to your property. Professional cleaners have restoration methods, equipment, cleaners and special training to deal with puff back damage such as smoke damage, soot damage and fire damage. A professional can not only clean up your soot mess and check your furnace for malfunctions, but they can also make repairs for your furnace, should you need any. To avoid experiencing a puff back, it is recommended to have your home heating system checked yearly by a professional.

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