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Midwest Getting another Blast of Winter Weather

Temperatures are plunging once again across the Midwest, adding to what’s been an unusually cold and brutal winter. The drastically cold weather that’s gripping the Midwest this winter has caused all types of problems ranging from frozen pipes to widespread school closings due to extreme cold and blowing & drifting snow. The prolonged stretch of cold has also set up the greatest ice cover on the Great Lakes this early in the winter since 1994. Now, the Great Lakes are nearly 50 percent covered in ice with Lake Erie being the most affected as 94% of that lake is now ice-covered.

In Michigan, residents are bracing yet again for another round of brutally cold weather. To add insult to injury, the Great Lakes State is going to get more snow to usher in the new work week. And, because of winds gusting to between 20 and 30 miles per hour, the snow that does come down will blow and drift to cause many problems on roadways. As this new deep freezes settles over the Midwest, officials are warning motorists of hazardous road conditions for Monday and Tuesday’s commute.

Michigan State Police are warning people that if they have to travel early this week to adjust their speed according to the weather conditions. Wind chills will dip to 30 to 40 degrees below zero across the Midwest early Monday. The teeth-chattering cold will and linger over the region until the morning hours of Wednesday.

The National Weather Service said Sunday that this blast of brutally cold air hitting the Midwest will rival the frigid days from earlier this month. Many home and business owners in the Midwest have already faced many problems from the recent polar vortex including frozen water pipes that burst, vehicles not starting and furnace issues. This latest round of cold weather will undoubtedly keep furnace repair and plumbing services very busy once again. In addition to pipes bursting all across the Midwest during the polar vortex, there were also numerous fires to extinguish due to people using blowtorches and heat guns on frozen pipes. People are being reminded never to use such devices on frozen pipes as insulation and other materials inside walls, crawlspaces and attics can easily ignite and burn.

Detroit has received nearly 32 inches of snow so far in January, smashing the old record of just over 29 inches set in January of ’78. And, more snow is coming to the Motor City which has prompted road crews to scramble to clear away roadways before they ice over. A spokesperson for the Michigan Dept. of Transportation said Sunday that every major expressway in the southeastern part of the state had some type of accident or weather-related delay this weekend. Most were crashes resulting in careless drivers going too fast or traveling too closely behind vehicles in front of them.

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