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Prevent Basement Flooding Problems

The last thing a homeowner wants is a flooded basement; it can be quite a costly affair for the homeowner to repair it once it has borne the brunt of water damage. Usually water can enter the basement due to groundwater seeping in or through a backed up sewer system. Here are some ways you can avoid basement flooding problems.

1. Keep the ground sloped away from the home foundation. One of the main problems that are seen by homeowner is due to drainage sloped towards a home rather than away from the foundation. If the water is not drained away, it will find its way into the basement. With passing time, it is normal for roof to overflow with water and erode the area around the home, in such a way that the water remains stuck at the foundation. So the best thing to do in this case is to improve the slope manually by putting soil that leads to better runoff rather than having the water trapped at the foundation. You can use garden tools like rakes and shovels for these.

2. If your home is built into a hillside, you can make a swale. It may be difficult to get a good slope for hillside homes, so constructing a swale is one of the good things that you can do. This implies that one should dig a shallow ditch around the home to change the direction of the water to another place, rather than making the water move towards the structure. In some places, you can install drain tile in the swale area to improve site drainage.

3. Remove anything that is used in landscaping that can be a deterrent to water drainage from the foundation. Raised garden areas near the foundation can be main causes of water damage when there is no sufficient arrangement to drain water from the garden area. Similarly concentrate blocks of landscape and timbers are also another problem that can cause drainage issue when the basement is flooding. You can take sidewalks away from the foundation or change them with landscape stone that will not block drainage.

4. Sump pumps and foundation drain tile are your best bets when efforts to block drainage fail. This is a costly thing but may be a very good solution to prevent water coming into the living areas. In fact, in places where water tables are high, sump pumps are the only solution. But these things may not be simple to do for an average homeowner and one may need to spend on heavy equipment and laborers. Check with contractor of good repute to help you with constructing sump pumps to avoid basement flooding.

5. Find out from local building authorities if one needs to have licenses or permits for putting sump pumps or making any modifications to the housing structure. You can consult with the authorities who may have better tips nd ideas for specific improvement. Make sure you are quite careful with using ladder and electric tools in damn conditions.

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