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Severe Weather Impacting A Large Portion Of The Midwest and Deep South

Throughout the beginning of this week there has been an imminent threat looming over most of the United States for severe weather. A large outbreak of severe weather and tornadoes is predicted to continue through Tuesday as the storm system slowly moved across the eastern part of the nation. The Midwest, the South, and the East are all at risk for severe weather throughout Wednesday. The expected affected areas include the Plains, Mississippi, and Ohio Valleys, along with parts of the south will see severe storms and tornadoes on one, or even multiple days. Excessive rainfall that will cause flooding will also be a serious threat.

On Tuesday the largest threat areas are the Deep South, the Carolinas, Ohio Valley, and the Southern Great Lakes region. The largest hazards that can be expected are damaging wind gusts, large hail, and possibly tornadoes. Heavy rainfall is also expected and this could lead to flash flooding or flooding in general. The main cities that are predicted to get hit the hardest in the south are Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, and Louisville.

On Wednesday, severe thunderstorms will be likely in the Mid-Atlantic States to the Southeast coast. The hazards will be damaging straight line winds, large hail, and some tornadoes possible. In parts of the east there is also a significant chance for flash flooding to occur. Richmond, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Columbia are amongst the cities in the south that are expected to be the hardest hit.

Forecasters all over the Country are urging Americans to keep an eye out for severe weather that has killed 31 people in the last two days. About 70 million people are being warned of a moderate risk for severe weather in the eastern half of the U.S. Mississippi and Alabama have been hit hard as tornadoes caused destruction and took the lives of several people on Monday. A third of the country is under a severe weather threat throughout Wednesday.
Thousands of people were without power in the two hardest hit states, where tornadoes ravaged the area late on Monday. At least 13 deaths are accounted for in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee on Monday. Those deaths are in addition to the 18 others that are reported in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa from Sunday.

Tens of thousands were without power in those two states, where suspected tornadoes chewed through homes and businesses late Monday. At least 13 people were killed in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee on Monday. Those deaths are in addition to 18 others reported in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa from storms Sunday. The National Weather Service stated that nearly 2.5 million people in parts of Alabama and Mississippi were at moderate risk of tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds. The risk areas were from the south Great Lakes region to the Gulf of Mexico, then stretched east of the Atlantic

It is always important to stay tuned in to your local weather authority or The Weather Channel for any updates for your area. In cases of severe weather, it is important to have flash lights, blankets, non-perishable goods, and a first aid kit on hand.

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